Advanced Integrated Electric Drive Systems

Innovative Technology for E-mobility

Mild hybrid applications


To gain better fuel efficiency, mild hybrid drive systems reduce energy losses in  starting, idle and acceleration/deacceleration operation of vehicles, and may also recover dynamic energy when a vehicle deaccelerates.  As most time a mild-hybrid motor operates in idle mode, low drag loss is as important as high power and high torque operation.  Quanten has developed a series of products with DR motors integrated with high efficiency motors and inverters, and mild-hybrid drive controllers targeting mild hybrid applications for heavy duty and passenger vehicles.  Featuring high starting torque (up to over 150 Nm), high efficiency (peak system efficiency up to 92%), and high operation power ( up to 50kW) across speed range, Quanten’s mild hybrid drive systems are designed with water-cooling, fan-cooling, and natural convection options.  They also feature a battery charging mode, which enables significant energy saving and reliability improvement for commercial vehicles needing long idle operation or significant auxiliary power output.  Complete solutions are also available including 48V lithium batteries and/or mating gear box.  Quanten’s products can be used in various hybrid architectures, ranging from P0, P1, P1.5, P2, P3 to P4 for heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as heavy trucks, buses and engineering vehicles to high performance passenger vehicles.

            Fan-cooled mild-hybrid drive                     Water-cooled mild-hybrid drive                      Natural-convection mild hybrid drive