Quanten Technologies
World’s leading solution provider of EV drive system

Quanten Technologies is an e-mobility technology company with world class expertise in motor, power electronics and drive control, focusing on the development, manufacture, and marketing of drive and power products for various electric and hybrid vehicles,motorcycles, robots and other high-performance industrial applications.  Quanten was founded by a group of innovative and passionate engineers and managers who had extensive experiences in US, Chinese and European top technology companies. In average they have 20 years’ industry experience in product development, manufacturing, and marketing in automotive drive, power electronics and energy industries.
The company’s goal is to provide industry-leading technologies and products to help customers to meet the challenges in drive and power, and accelerate the adoption of more efficient and safer technology through our best solution for customers around the world.

Focusing on customer needs, Develop industry-leading motor, drive and power technologies and products to make the world greener and better.

Meet customer needs and exceed customer expectation through Innovation and Service