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Quanten’s next generation integrated drive system
    Publish time 2019-10-15 17:37    

Quanten’s low voltage integrated drive system provides the best energy efficiency and toque performance in class.  It has found a wide range of applications including electric vehicles, motorcycles, robots, forklifts, engineering and delivery vehicles, tourist vehicles, and golf carts.  Quanten’s patented DR motor technology integrates the latest techniques in power electronics, motor design, drive control, and AI algorithm.  It can adapt to different battery voltages, especially achieving high performance at low battery voltages.  Its dynamic pole/phase reconfiguration and better utilization of motor space increase the performance and energy efficiency of a system significantly(up to 20%),  while reducing system cost and improving system reliability/safety at the same time.  

Example Specifications:
Voltage Range: 36-48-60V
Protection: IP67
Weight: 50kg
Size: 240D*295L mm
Peak Efficiency: >94%
Installation: Unilateral Cantilever
Motor: Induction Motor (DR)
Rated Power/Peak Power: 20/40kW
Rated Torque/Peak Torque: 42/120Nm
Peak Load:8500rpm
Operating Temperature:-20~+55℃
Type of Cooling:Naturally Cooling
Lifetime: 20000hr